Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Six Winter Ways to Wear It

The Christmas season is officially upon us. One of the comments I hear most in the store is, "Im supposed to be buying for other people!". Well first off, you deserve a treat every once in awhile :) and second, there are plenty of ways to update your whole closet with a few simple steps and pieces. So throw out the guilt, and throw on a new look.
My look for today is one of my new favorite combos: a button up short cardigan and a thin belt over a summer dress. Just because its cold does not mean your favorite dresses have to be put away for the winter. I wear a dress almost every day so I am always looking for new combos. Here are a few ways to rock a retro mod look by using button up cardigans:
I picked out the dress first, then messed with a few shades of cardigans before settling on grey. It brought out the blues of the dress. My first fashion rule is always to mix shades and not try to be too matchy match. I also wanted to compliment the browns, so I added a leather cuff from my vendor M and T Creations, and a long brassy necklace. I have gotten a bunch of compliments today, and you will too :)

 Everyone loves to mix in some RED this time of year. This cardigan is a vintage Pollux (my fave cardi actually) and I layered it over a simple jersey knit tank dress ($29 at MagSoul). Add in a thin belt and layer some necklaces both short and long for a retro sweetheart look. (Necklaces are MagSoul Vintage Parts) This would look great with sparkly flats!
 A simple wrap with clean lines can take any dress into winter. Use the cut of the wrap to flatter your curves (Grey Wrap $32 and Burgundy Wrap $36 at MagSoul). Choosing a good wrap for your body type is important: if you have curvy hips, hit higher or lower than your hip line. If you have a long narrow waist accentuate it with a wrap that falls nicely at your hips. Elongate your lines for an elegant look.
Mustard is EVERYWHERE this season. It can be intimidating but it always looks great with black. Start simple and let the color grow on you. If mustard is too much for you, try a great rust or deep rich burgundy.
Throw in a pair of textured tights like these to show your fashion flair. Textured tights are this season's new leggings. They look great with a long sock peeking out of your boots too!

 A slouchy top that you normally wear with jeans can be layered over a dress for an indie look. Just make sure to use a belt to avoid adding to much fabric and bulk to your frame. Cinch where it flatters and let it flow over the areas you want to cover.
There you have it, six simple ways to wear a dress you already have in your closet. By using different leggings, belts and boots, you now have endless possiblities for your wardrobe!

Visit or call MagSoul Monday-Sat 11 am to 6 pm for fashionably affordable updates!

254 Union Sq. NW, Hickory NC 28601/ph. 828-322-6009

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Falling in Love with Fall Fashion!

Fall always makes me think of school clothes, football games at Knox Field in Johnstown, and the feeling of sitting in leaves with a loved one. Some of my favorite memories are outdoors!

Fall fashion is probably my favorite of all the seasons. (That and Spring Couture Paris shows, but hey who really gets to wear those?!) I have been neglecting this blog lately, but the wheels have been turning and my mind ear marking all of the fabulous things I have seen on the journey of the last month....So short, sweet and simple (just like the fleeting fall colors) here is my fall style advice....

Fall Fashion Construction: LAYER! Blazers, cardigans and leggings are your transition wardrobe's best friend. Your favorite summer dresses do not have to be put up! Swing by and see me at Pollux for new cardigan advice or how to wrap your favorite wraps. We have the popular rich colors like russet, deep turquoise, and spicy browns in stock.

Look at the pic above--- as you envision your wardrobe with these tips, remember my number one fashion rule- Don't try to be too matchy match! Mix your colors. Take your main piece, then add in your solid shades for layering: three shades of grey, or grey and brown, or tan black and brown....have FUN with your closet!
Not only does this gal mix several shade and prints, but she pulls it off with her perfect satchel purse (the hottest purse trend of the moment, used by celebs and style icons alike), and knit circle scarf (an oldie but a goodie!).

Wardrobe MUST have: THE BLAZER! Over dresses and with my favorite Frye boots, or with rolled up boyfriend jeans and my new burlap TOMS, my grey and black blazers are getting a LOT of use. I may even have to sew some patches on the elbows like an old professor..
www.toms.com - do a great deed with your purchase- a pair goes to a child in need in africa with every TOMS purchase!
3 Ways to wear your blazer with T-shirt and jeans:
1. Add in a colorful scarf for some pop.
2. Style your jeans- do a simple roll at the bottom of your jeans (bootcut if you dont have boyfriend cut). It should be about 2 inches wide.
3. A long funky necklace, like a big compass, or a pocket watch. Make sure it is at least chest length!

3 Ways to wear your blazer with a Dress:
1. Your boots, boots, boots! Spice it up with a floral print dress or floral print scarf with a solid dress.
2. Leggings and ballet flats: This is where your mixing of shades really comes in handy. Sometimes you dont have the right color leggings for the tunic or dress you want to wear. Use your cardigans and wraps to mix the shade of the leggings in.
3. Accessorize: fresh can be better than fancy. So use your accessories to your advantage. It's better to go fancy with the accessories than overly fancy with the dress under the blazer.

Watch out FOR: Shoulder pads, bulky fabrics and blazers that are too big. Adding too much fabric to your frame can make you look dumpy and frumpy. Be comfy and classic with a cut that fits your curves.

Find your favorite blazer and rock it gals!

Thank you all for reading once again. And many of you have asked a few questions as my move draws closer and closer. Its such a bittersweet time in my life, moving forward towards my dream and having to say goodbye to the love of family and friends in this town.

But here are some important answers: YES, I will still ship MagSoul to Pollux stores on a regular basis. My Pollux family is so wonderful to me, and they are behind my company 100%.
On that note, my company name will remain the same. MagSoul will be opening its "fashion boutique featuring handmade accessories" storefront on Union Sq., Hickory NC the week of Thanksgiving.
I will be revamping the logo and website as I go and will keep the Facebook up to date. This blog will soon feature my own store's fashions. I am looking for fabulous artisans to feature in my store so keep that in mind if you have friends who are creative.
xoxo Mag.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Feather Reigns Supreme

Ostriches, pheasants and chickens, oh MY!
It is August 2011 and FEATHERS are on everyone's minds and more importantly, bodies!

This summer has literally flown by! I am always hearing that time goes faster and faster as you get older, and I am beginning to add that to my stash of words of wisdom. Luckily, I have kept super busy with my family, wholesale orders, Pollux, and markets and weddings galore, and it has been a bright, fun, lovely summer in Western Colorado (and full of wonderful memories).
 It does, unfortunately, mean that I have not uploaded anything new to my Etsy, or written a blog in awhile. And so I sat down to create last night and went straight for my feathers, and thought- yup thats it: the reason for the summer insanity?? FEATHERS!
(These are the hair extension feathers that I put in at Main in Motion and Telluride Farmers Market. The fly fisherman have not been so happy with us fashionistas, for our use of these chicken/rooster feathers that are being put into hair. Due to this hot trend, their cost has skyrocketed also.)

When I first started MagSoul, it was on a whim. With a lot of winding down life's path, I was searching for something to center my soul. My love for fashion and my need to express my inner self combined to start a new journey which is now taking me to levels I never dreamnt. And it all began with a feather....

(photo by KRobinsonPhotography.com)

My favorite feather craze this summer is the feather earring. Feathers are always a little different, even if they are the same kind. Every pair that I make end up being its own work of art. The cool thing about feather earrings is that with your hair down, they can give the illusion of feather extensions. But they come in and out! Don't be afraid of the length or width of feather earrings, they can be intimidating at first, but always look great on all hair colors and lengths. (But do be aware of synthetic feathers when you are purchasing for your hair and earrings, they do not lay the same as real feathers or last as long. The price should a lot lower for feathers that are synthetic.).

Feathers aren't just in your hair, but are also on clothing prints, necklaces (both in charm and real form!), hair pieces, baby headbands and much more. Here are a few of the fascinators that I have been making with feathers and flowers combined....

My feather distributor and I have been wondering all summer when the feather fashion wave will fade. Being lovers of all feathers it is lovely for us to have this trend be so successful. From the runways, to Project Runway, stores and all over Etsy, the feather is reigning supreme. The A/W 2011-2012 Couture fashion shows have breathed new life into the feather trend....and it doesn't look like it will be giving up its "throne" any time soon!

                                                              (Jean Paul Gaultier/Elie Saab)

Feathers are unique, feminine and most of all FUN! So find your favorite feathers and rock 'em gals!

Special Side Note:
Some of you may have heard that my son Trace and I will be moving to North Carolina this fall. I will be opening my first clothing and handmade boutique there, of course the name will be MagSoul. (and I will keep my Facebook going, and Pollux and Kairos will still carry MagSoul).
 I have loved living in Montrose and am so fortunate for the friends and family I have here. I will always come back for Bluegrass, and for Montrose Fashion Night Out (next one is Sept. 9th ladies!), so I will be seeing all of you often. Thank you all for the support of MagSoul, my creations, my event planning business, and most of all, your friendships.

P.S. Here is my favorite find on Etsy this week- nothing at all to do with feathers, but everything to do with my favorite vintage style to rock. This store is precisely the kind of style I will be carrying in my store....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trend on the Verge: Kaftans

Quickly becoming the hottest trend of the season, the kaftan is seen everywhere today. What is a kaftan? When I first saw these on the runway, I was a little thrown myself. Traditionally a kaftan is long (thighs to ankles) with a v-neck neckline, wide waistline seams, and always has oversized dolman sleeves. It is the usual attire for Persian and Indian cultures, and even worn by men as much as women. However this season, the kaftan has been upcycled to become the latest hot trend

 This Beverly Hills Housewife, Kyle Richards, is known for her kaftan style. She wears them on the red carpet and most often, with slim fit pants/leggings/jeans, and chunky jewelry.
Don't think you can only wear a kaftan as a swim cover up. Although it is the perfect vacation item to save on packing space. You can wear over a suit to the beach, then throw on some flare with jewelry and sandals and you are ready to go out on the town.

 The super chic style is easy to wear, literally. No tugging or pulling to make sure you are comfy with this fashion statement. The more flowy the better. Let the fabric swirl and drape with your figure, and accent your best curves with a belt.
The most work will be figuring out what sandals or jewelry to wear with it. If you are nervous about flowy and your figure, consider staying with a sheer or chiffon fabric. This will make sure you are not adding any "bulk" to your figure.

As most of you know, I love anything handmade, as well as burgeoning designers. And I love anything bohemian.  Check out "Pretty Plum Sugar", this awesome Etsy shop, that comes highly recommended, for some super boho chic kaftans.

Personally I can't wait to wear mine for some night dancing at Bluegrass next week! I have a feeling the soft fabric wont even bother the sunburn I am sure to get. ;)
Kaftans and summer are hand in hand this season, so find your kaftan style and rock it gals. XOXO Mag

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesdays, and a few favorite things....

Wow, I am exhausted! Finally done with finals, and the Montrose Wine Festival, and its already time to take on summer. I realized this morning between packing a school lunch, and chasing a lazy pitbull out of my bedroom, that in the craziness I had not posted in awhile. I started to think about what to write, and decided to share some of my favorite things with all of you....
Every once in awhile it is soothing and fullfilling to take a step back, breathe deep and look for inspiration.
I've been looking for a lot of inspiration lately. Praying hard for my baby cousin Gracie (who was recently diagnosed with cancer at barely a year old, and is undergoing chemo treatments in NY), I have really been touched by all of the support from my friends who are praying hard for her, and donating money to help my family out. From my oldest and dearest friends to my newest ones, including Kristin from 11D on a flight to Phoenix, you all have been amazing.

 I have been working on some special prayer boards, pillows, and headbands for Gracie, and some wholesale orders. I love to mess around on Etsy, read my latest Vogue, and check out my favorite blogs for inspiration. So here we go.

Photography is an excellent place to start for inspiration. Tomorrow my friend Kaylan, who I met through work, will be coming down tomorrow to feature my work in her blog. I am excited and a little nervous! She is truly talented both with photography and in her art of jewelry making. She was one of the first women to inspire me in the handmade world. You can check out her talents here:

I love discovering new designers. This is how I like to do it: search through a Vogue and polyvore.com, find a dress or outfit you like, and then put its characteristics into an Etsy Search. Here are a couple items from my new favorite shops.
"Lirola" has an affordable and chic style, very similar to many dresses by "Issa" that Princess Catherine is frequently wearing.
Lirola's Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lirola?ref=pr_shop_more

Or this adorable store Venni Caprice, by super nice Lori,

Lori's Etsy Shop:

Sometimes the cutest things are found in european Etsy shops, which makes sense in that Europe is usually adopting trends faster then we are. It can be intimidating to order from overseas on Etsy, so be sure to check their feedback, and their circle of stores. You can usually use those tools to see if a store is trustworthy. I love the new twist on hobo bags that this Etsy store presents. They also have adorable satchel purses.

I am in awe of people who completely step out of the box in their creations. Markhed Design's jewelry has a total dark edge, but is also really intricate and beautiful. And all handmade! Here is their "Franken Heart" Necklace. See more at :

I have been really into making paper flowers for decor, hand stamping ribbons, and stencilling pillows and fabrics lately. It is a fun and easy way to work on some home decor improvements, decorations for parties and weddings, and let's not forget a good craft to do with your kids.
Stencils can be found everywhere on Etsy and are fun to have a "swap" lunch with your friends to get more use out of them.

I love beautiful table scapes with paper flowers. These are a challenge to make, but I am working on it. If you have the patience, just google some "how to's" and see which style you like.
One of my absolute favorite things right now are feather earrings, and it just so happens, I make them ;) I wear a pair almost everyday. They are beautiful, trendy and total attention getters.
Check them out on my Etsy here, and keep in touch for more pairs I will have this week...
Black, White and Grey feather earrings
So its Tuesday, and those are some of my favorite things. Share your inspirations with me anytime you wish either here or on Facebook, I love to see what you all are up to. And also, please pray for sweet Gracie. XOXO Mag

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Notions" of good fashion...

What separates you from the worst dressed list? Your own style of course. Finding your style is never hard, your eye will always lead you to what you like, and it may not be what other people like at all.

Trust your eye! I always tell clients when choosing one outfit over another "What's your gut instinct on this?" Your first instinct is usually the best.

With all of the prints from floral to aztec, and embellishments of flowers, lace and ruffles in our busy closets right now, its hard not to start wondering "does this look like a pillow? A nightgown? Or even worse, a tablecloth?"

So how do you avoid that?

Here are some simple fashion tips to wade through the world of prints and embellishments:

Ruffles! - I love ruffles, especially vertical ruffles. They are slimming, stylish and super chic. If you are looking for a great cocktail dress, look no farther, vertical organza ruffles in nude or black with spagetti straps are perfect. But be careful of fabrics, you should stick with organzas and sheer fabrics. Cotton knit ruffle dresses can easily fall into the PJ category. If you dont like ruffles on your clothes, you can always incorporate them with fun sandals or a scarf.

Buttons Transplants- well lets just switch this right over and say when it comes to buttons, opt for brooches! Vintage is here to stay, and you can always find some great old clip on's or brooches at a thrift, antique or secondhand store, to spice up an outfit in lieu of a button. A needle and thread or glue gun is all you need to perform this vintage transplant.

Lace and Embroidery- Oh lace! It is so very flattering feminine and delicate. Don't be afraid to pop colors through or with your lace. A fresh pop of color in your outfit screams Spring :) A good way to introduce lace into your wardrobe is a lace back cardigan or a top with lace trim on the neckline. A little goes a long way with lace and embroidery. Sometimes a light floral embroidery on a top is all you need.

Flowers, flowers, flowers- between flowers and feathers, I am set. I love all kinds! But some don't belong in your wardrobe. If you have a flower you dont like on a shirt, take it off and upcycle it to a vase applique or attach to a frame! My one piece of advice here is, if it works for a dishcloth or pillow, don't wear it on your body. Have fun with flowers, especially the re-usable kind!

Prints Prints Prints- They are everywhere, and SO FUN. A good rule for prints is, if its overly flowy- tie with a belt or scarf at a flattering spot for your body. Right now, the belt is moving from the upper waist to sit loose and crooked around the hips.
Or when looking for a print dress, try to locate one with a solid color block area to enhance your figure. A good example would be a black area around the ribs between a printed top and printed skirt is really flattering. You want to wear the prints, not have the prints wear you :)

 Remember if one area of your outfit is busy, try to have something else plain. Like a floral skirt with a plain color tee, plain white scarf with an aztec poncho top, or an awesome leather satchel purse (my personal fav this season) and cowgirl boots with a floral dress.

Most of all, make your spring "notions" all about you. Happy Easter! xoxo Mag

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roarin for 20's Fashion and a Great Charity

Who doesn't love a good theme party? I love to dress up in character and paint the town red with the best of them, but when the party benefits a great charity like CASA (court appointed special advocates for abused and neglected children), then I am ALL over it! I was asked this week to feature fashion trends for this chic event, and am honored to do so. The event is "Puttin on the Ritz, A Roarin 20's Dinner & Dance, as the gorgeous Bridges Clubhouse next Friday night, April 15th. Click here to see the event on facebook and get info on tickets-http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=182953295080961.

The best thing about the 20's is that a lot of the trends are coming back by way of bows, lace and embroidery, and of course hair accesories. Let's take a closer look....
The 20's fashion is described as "depression chic". The decade where women liberated themselves from constricting corsets and ventured into trousers, flowy, comfy dresses and short skirts! Now the 20's was actually not all flappers, that trend did not come in until much later in the decade. But let's face it flapper fringe is fun. Look at these super stylin' 20's ladies, experimenting with new trends....
So right here you get a good look at outfits you could put together at home, with some men's trousers and boots, add in a chunky sweater and a cute headwrap (see me for those of course :))....

Now if jazzin it up a bit more is your style, look at everything black, cream and even red. This pic is the epitomy of 20's fashion- the sack dress, the forehead band, the super long necklace...simply gorgeous...
 The "sack" or "shift" dress, as it was called, is a straight square cut dress with a high neckline and usually two layers of fabric. Lots of lace and bows will get you in the mood. Look for mary janes, oxfords and spectator heels for your feet. I put together a special rack in the Pollux Montrose store specifically for this party, here are some ideas!

 This beautiful lace jacket is a personal favorite of mine, but you can wear it too :).
Here is the gorgeous sack dress with a large bow tie on the shoulder....

Now for your accesories! Long strands of pearls, headwraps secured with a vintage brooch, flowers and feathers with birdcage veils, and LOTS of sequins. Here are some examples of pieces I have for sale. I will offer free delivery for this party for anyone purchasing a piece, as well as donating 10% of my proceeds to CASA. The sky is the limit on what I can make for you, and in addition to these I have black sequins with peacock feathers, black and white feathers and much more. Email me here: magmocko84@gmail.com or search MagSoul on facebook to get your order in.

So ladies, get your handsome men, your beautiful girlfriends, and some great MagSoul gear and attend this fun event for a well deserving charity!
Xoxo, Mag