Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Falling in Love with Fall Fashion!

Fall always makes me think of school clothes, football games at Knox Field in Johnstown, and the feeling of sitting in leaves with a loved one. Some of my favorite memories are outdoors!

Fall fashion is probably my favorite of all the seasons. (That and Spring Couture Paris shows, but hey who really gets to wear those?!) I have been neglecting this blog lately, but the wheels have been turning and my mind ear marking all of the fabulous things I have seen on the journey of the last month....So short, sweet and simple (just like the fleeting fall colors) here is my fall style advice....

Fall Fashion Construction: LAYER! Blazers, cardigans and leggings are your transition wardrobe's best friend. Your favorite summer dresses do not have to be put up! Swing by and see me at Pollux for new cardigan advice or how to wrap your favorite wraps. We have the popular rich colors like russet, deep turquoise, and spicy browns in stock.

Look at the pic above--- as you envision your wardrobe with these tips, remember my number one fashion rule- Don't try to be too matchy match! Mix your colors. Take your main piece, then add in your solid shades for layering: three shades of grey, or grey and brown, or tan black and brown....have FUN with your closet!
Not only does this gal mix several shade and prints, but she pulls it off with her perfect satchel purse (the hottest purse trend of the moment, used by celebs and style icons alike), and knit circle scarf (an oldie but a goodie!).

Wardrobe MUST have: THE BLAZER! Over dresses and with my favorite Frye boots, or with rolled up boyfriend jeans and my new burlap TOMS, my grey and black blazers are getting a LOT of use. I may even have to sew some patches on the elbows like an old professor.. - do a great deed with your purchase- a pair goes to a child in need in africa with every TOMS purchase!
3 Ways to wear your blazer with T-shirt and jeans:
1. Add in a colorful scarf for some pop.
2. Style your jeans- do a simple roll at the bottom of your jeans (bootcut if you dont have boyfriend cut). It should be about 2 inches wide.
3. A long funky necklace, like a big compass, or a pocket watch. Make sure it is at least chest length!

3 Ways to wear your blazer with a Dress:
1. Your boots, boots, boots! Spice it up with a floral print dress or floral print scarf with a solid dress.
2. Leggings and ballet flats: This is where your mixing of shades really comes in handy. Sometimes you dont have the right color leggings for the tunic or dress you want to wear. Use your cardigans and wraps to mix the shade of the leggings in.
3. Accessorize: fresh can be better than fancy. So use your accessories to your advantage. It's better to go fancy with the accessories than overly fancy with the dress under the blazer.

Watch out FOR: Shoulder pads, bulky fabrics and blazers that are too big. Adding too much fabric to your frame can make you look dumpy and frumpy. Be comfy and classic with a cut that fits your curves.

Find your favorite blazer and rock it gals!

Thank you all for reading once again. And many of you have asked a few questions as my move draws closer and closer. Its such a bittersweet time in my life, moving forward towards my dream and having to say goodbye to the love of family and friends in this town.

But here are some important answers: YES, I will still ship MagSoul to Pollux stores on a regular basis. My Pollux family is so wonderful to me, and they are behind my company 100%.
On that note, my company name will remain the same. MagSoul will be opening its "fashion boutique featuring handmade accessories" storefront on Union Sq., Hickory NC the week of Thanksgiving.
I will be revamping the logo and website as I go and will keep the Facebook up to date. This blog will soon feature my own store's fashions. I am looking for fabulous artisans to feature in my store so keep that in mind if you have friends who are creative.
xoxo Mag.

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