Friday, June 22, 2012

In so few words, "whats happenin?"

Everytime I say "What's happenin" I will always think of an old friend and it warms my heart. Its like a Joey from "Friends" moment where you can't help but smile when you hear, "How YOU doin", and that's what I was saying to myself when I realized, oh crap WHAT IS HAPPENIN???

 I am a terrible blogger. I am also the Queen of the run on sentence, even if I hate misspellings and misuses of a word.....So here I am...

Wait where was I??? Oh I am, saying to myself as always, wow you have neglected this portion of your business. I personally think blogging is great for several reasons, but most of all- as a way to have a conversation with your customers that they can read at their leisure, not yours. On the other hand I always think, oh dear god, my personal life is not so superior that everyone wants and needs to read about it in their free time, lets make this blog about the fashions not the author (because one would be so terribly self involved to do so right?)

So, I will say briefly (and utterly that a word?) these points:

A. I am a procrastinator. I am finally learning to deal with the daunting portion of my business that is online sales, consistent blogging, tweeting and pinning. In that effort I will continue to strive toward being a more timely and patient member of the online retail community. With your patience and support, I may actually get better at this.

B. My son is finally settled in NC, and he is the most wonderful child, super supportive and patient. And no, I am not biased. He is generally AWESOME. However, as any single mom will tell you, its HARD. Not to be confused with the job of moms in general- I am a firm supporter of all hard working moms, its a job that you hardly get a pat on the back for, mostly feel like the bad guy, and the worrying is like that neon sign that never turns off. (single parents do seriously rock though,notwithstanding previous sentiments)

C. I love NC, but miss home and my sister and dear friends immensely. Its a wish of mine to go to work every day here in my own (sigh!?!) boutique, in this wonderful spot I now call home, with my Sundays at my dads, and my Mondays at the pool with my son......but a lot of days I wish I left said work to meet my sister on her porch, or for our "fam" dinners with the Brownings and Rattans, stop at Pollux just to say hi to B, meet my gals for a drink.....ahhhhh HOME. Where our feet may leave but never our hearts right???

WAIT didnt I just say how annoying blogs about oneself are? Oh yeah....back to the point..... (hey I needed a moment...)

I just want to take this chance to give a big shout out (WOOOOT WOOOT eh?)
to my friend/neighbor/fellow downtown HKY, business owner, DAWN GIASI of Welcome Home.
Not only has she been a wonderful neighbor and friend to me since that long ago day I first set foot on the Square, but she is also a single mom one could only hope to aspire to be like. And tonight I saw her complete a leap of faith in opening yet another portion of her business and at the same time doing a great thing for her fellow community members. She opened her "Artist Loft" above her storefront, which is "Welcome Home Furniture and Consignment" directly to my left. Featuring local talents like Charles Kimso (whom we utterly adore at MagSoul as you know, he created my mirrors, checkout counter and several jewelry must haves), the new Artist Loft is an escape from the regular, and a MUST SEE on the Square. Super talented artists who deserve to be seen and supported in our community. So much talent in HKY, and so MUCH of it is to be seen on the Square....
It's inspiring to see people grasp at the opportunities life gives them. I am much more of a "doer" and luckily for me this stems from my family, and a great first "real job" where my boss wanted me to learn and encouraged my work. Oh and my first "big job" where we had little to go on, but big dreams to make of it, so we had to make do and strive for a better future. In truth, isn't that what we all are doing???

So if you were on the Square tonight and missed the Artist Loft at Welcome Home, go ASAP. If you were on the Square tonight, or any other time recently and thougtht...."man it would be nice if there was more of THIS more often", or "I wish I could bring my friends or family down for a stroll with activities and music" or "what if...." or have any other ramblings then please email me @ A few of us are working towards some family friendly Square events that would be regular and repetitive to bring an even greater sense of community and fellowship to downtown Hickory.

AND PS, I swear I will write soon again, and it will actually be about clothes. Ahhh, the horrors right?