Monday, April 18, 2011

"Notions" of good fashion...

What separates you from the worst dressed list? Your own style of course. Finding your style is never hard, your eye will always lead you to what you like, and it may not be what other people like at all.

Trust your eye! I always tell clients when choosing one outfit over another "What's your gut instinct on this?" Your first instinct is usually the best.

With all of the prints from floral to aztec, and embellishments of flowers, lace and ruffles in our busy closets right now, its hard not to start wondering "does this look like a pillow? A nightgown? Or even worse, a tablecloth?"

So how do you avoid that?

Here are some simple fashion tips to wade through the world of prints and embellishments:

Ruffles! - I love ruffles, especially vertical ruffles. They are slimming, stylish and super chic. If you are looking for a great cocktail dress, look no farther, vertical organza ruffles in nude or black with spagetti straps are perfect. But be careful of fabrics, you should stick with organzas and sheer fabrics. Cotton knit ruffle dresses can easily fall into the PJ category. If you dont like ruffles on your clothes, you can always incorporate them with fun sandals or a scarf.

Buttons Transplants- well lets just switch this right over and say when it comes to buttons, opt for brooches! Vintage is here to stay, and you can always find some great old clip on's or brooches at a thrift, antique or secondhand store, to spice up an outfit in lieu of a button. A needle and thread or glue gun is all you need to perform this vintage transplant.

Lace and Embroidery- Oh lace! It is so very flattering feminine and delicate. Don't be afraid to pop colors through or with your lace. A fresh pop of color in your outfit screams Spring :) A good way to introduce lace into your wardrobe is a lace back cardigan or a top with lace trim on the neckline. A little goes a long way with lace and embroidery. Sometimes a light floral embroidery on a top is all you need.

Flowers, flowers, flowers- between flowers and feathers, I am set. I love all kinds! But some don't belong in your wardrobe. If you have a flower you dont like on a shirt, take it off and upcycle it to a vase applique or attach to a frame! My one piece of advice here is, if it works for a dishcloth or pillow, don't wear it on your body. Have fun with flowers, especially the re-usable kind!

Prints Prints Prints- They are everywhere, and SO FUN. A good rule for prints is, if its overly flowy- tie with a belt or scarf at a flattering spot for your body. Right now, the belt is moving from the upper waist to sit loose and crooked around the hips.
Or when looking for a print dress, try to locate one with a solid color block area to enhance your figure. A good example would be a black area around the ribs between a printed top and printed skirt is really flattering. You want to wear the prints, not have the prints wear you :)

 Remember if one area of your outfit is busy, try to have something else plain. Like a floral skirt with a plain color tee, plain white scarf with an aztec poncho top, or an awesome leather satchel purse (my personal fav this season) and cowgirl boots with a floral dress.

Most of all, make your spring "notions" all about you. Happy Easter! xoxo Mag

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