Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retro Silhouettes and the new Maxi

The silhouettes in style this year are all retro! Simply chic 50's dresses, flowy print blouses, and skirts!
Last year it was all about the maxi dress. The easy breezy style was great from the beach to the bistro and everywhere in between. This year the maxi has taken a retro turn, and is at its new best: The Maxi Skirt.

These two gorgeous skirts can be found at From these full maxi's to pencil skirts, and even the high waisted full skirt, your summer wardrobe will be at its best. Now here's the good news, this season its also all about mixing your basic neutrals into everything trendy. Upcycle your wardrobe!Take a look at the gladiator sandals the girl above is wearing- don't you all have a pair in your closet? And if you haven't already seen or worn it, the CUTEST thing to pair with your new skirts is a plain tee. White, tan, black, grey they all work. And my personal favorite it not to try to match it too closely. Go funky!
So how do you know what type of the new skirt goes with your body? 

First off, most women hate how their calves look in certain skirts. My philosophy is to love yourself, but if you are worried about thicker calves avoid a directly below the knee cut. Either go a bit higher or a bit lower.

Petite Gals:  High waisted skirts make your torso elongated and slim. Shorter hems make your legs look longer,so avoid really voluminous styles and tea lengths that can drown your cute body. If you really love the tea length, there is a skirt for you though, try finding one that is fitted all through the hips. Pleats are so cute!

Curvy Gals (or with problem areas around the middle): The high waisted skirt accents the narrow upper waist and curve to your chest and is super flattering. Rock your curves, guys love 'em. Avoid clingy fabrics like jersey knits. Patterns (which are really hot right now) and textured fabrics are great, and avoid pleats.

Find your full skirt style and rock it gals....

Introduction to Love

This is me, officially joining the blogging world. And doing so under the guise of polka dots. Its true though, I do LOVE polka dots. In fact I love everything fashion. And that is what brings me here. I am a mom first. A daughter and sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin and a friend. I am a Fashion Merchandising major a Academy of Art University out of San Fran. I own MagSoul (see here I love designing and sewing clothes for myself. I recently started Day 17, with my best friend (we do weddings, events, floral design,etc) I am a Pollux girl (the best home for fashion on the Western Slope). But thats all titles. What I really love, the great love affair of my life, is FASHION. I am a fashion forward, clothes lovin', trend sportin' woman with one too many dressers, not enough closet space and 14 extra totes in the garage, full of beautiful and fashionable clothes. And this my fellow bloggers, is where it all begins and why I will be sharing with you my fashion tips and more. Follow me on my journey through a fashionable life and my adventures, travels, laughs and more...