Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Feather Reigns Supreme

Ostriches, pheasants and chickens, oh MY!
It is August 2011 and FEATHERS are on everyone's minds and more importantly, bodies!

This summer has literally flown by! I am always hearing that time goes faster and faster as you get older, and I am beginning to add that to my stash of words of wisdom. Luckily, I have kept super busy with my family, wholesale orders, Pollux, and markets and weddings galore, and it has been a bright, fun, lovely summer in Western Colorado (and full of wonderful memories).
 It does, unfortunately, mean that I have not uploaded anything new to my Etsy, or written a blog in awhile. And so I sat down to create last night and went straight for my feathers, and thought- yup thats it: the reason for the summer insanity?? FEATHERS!
(These are the hair extension feathers that I put in at Main in Motion and Telluride Farmers Market. The fly fisherman have not been so happy with us fashionistas, for our use of these chicken/rooster feathers that are being put into hair. Due to this hot trend, their cost has skyrocketed also.)

When I first started MagSoul, it was on a whim. With a lot of winding down life's path, I was searching for something to center my soul. My love for fashion and my need to express my inner self combined to start a new journey which is now taking me to levels I never dreamnt. And it all began with a feather....

(photo by KRobinsonPhotography.com)

My favorite feather craze this summer is the feather earring. Feathers are always a little different, even if they are the same kind. Every pair that I make end up being its own work of art. The cool thing about feather earrings is that with your hair down, they can give the illusion of feather extensions. But they come in and out! Don't be afraid of the length or width of feather earrings, they can be intimidating at first, but always look great on all hair colors and lengths. (But do be aware of synthetic feathers when you are purchasing for your hair and earrings, they do not lay the same as real feathers or last as long. The price should a lot lower for feathers that are synthetic.).

Feathers aren't just in your hair, but are also on clothing prints, necklaces (both in charm and real form!), hair pieces, baby headbands and much more. Here are a few of the fascinators that I have been making with feathers and flowers combined....

My feather distributor and I have been wondering all summer when the feather fashion wave will fade. Being lovers of all feathers it is lovely for us to have this trend be so successful. From the runways, to Project Runway, stores and all over Etsy, the feather is reigning supreme. The A/W 2011-2012 Couture fashion shows have breathed new life into the feather trend....and it doesn't look like it will be giving up its "throne" any time soon!

                                                              (Jean Paul Gaultier/Elie Saab)

Feathers are unique, feminine and most of all FUN! So find your favorite feathers and rock 'em gals!

Special Side Note:
Some of you may have heard that my son Trace and I will be moving to North Carolina this fall. I will be opening my first clothing and handmade boutique there, of course the name will be MagSoul. (and I will keep my Facebook going, and Pollux and Kairos will still carry MagSoul).
 I have loved living in Montrose and am so fortunate for the friends and family I have here. I will always come back for Bluegrass, and for Montrose Fashion Night Out (next one is Sept. 9th ladies!), so I will be seeing all of you often. Thank you all for the support of MagSoul, my creations, my event planning business, and most of all, your friendships.

P.S. Here is my favorite find on Etsy this week- nothing at all to do with feathers, but everything to do with my favorite vintage style to rock. This store is precisely the kind of style I will be carrying in my store....

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